The Care Bears ultimate weapon is the Care Bear Stare in which the bears present stand in line and usually hold hands and shut their eyes as they radiate light from their tummy symbols. These are combined to form a ray of love and good cheer which could bring care and joy into the targets heart or weakens the enemy. The Care Bears originally stated Care Bears...Prepare to Stare but it was later changed to Care Bears Countdown...5...4...3...2...1


The Care Bear Stare is sometimes a beam of light coming from each individual bear with several replicated images of their tummy symbol directed at the target. Sometimes it forms a rainbow variation when the Care Bear Cousins are involved or a yellow beam with red hearts is sometimes seen as well.

The Care Bear Cousins use the Care Cousin Call as thier ulltimate weapon, this is pretty much identical to the Care Bear Stare. In the Care Bears Movie, the Care Cousins didn't have tummy symbols so instead they used whatever animal noise is common to their spieces. In the Care Bears II: A New Generation their call looks like a musical score which radiates from their tummy symbols.

The Care Bear Stare and Care Cousin Call is most frequently used on villians but have also been used on humans and the Care Bears themselves. In the series it was used on humans and the Care Bears in order to free them from the effects of Professor Cold Heart's uncaring magic and was temporarily used on Grumpy Bear to cheer him up in the Tell-Tale Tummy.

Care bear stare

Care Bears Prepare to Stare

Care cousin call

Care Cousins Call

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Care Bear Stare

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Care Cousin Call

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