The Kingdom of Caring is a land high up in the fluffy clouds with rainbow streams. There is a large castle and a Caring Meter. Within the Kingdom of Caring are two other locations called Care A Lot and the Forest of Feelings. It is hinted in The Care Bear Movie that there may be other placs as Brave Heart says "I've heard tales of other...places."

The Kingdom of Caring is given to Noble Heart Horse and True Heart Bear by the Great Wishing Star. In the Care Bears II: A New Generation Noble Heart and True Heart go on their first missions to earth. It is also where the Care Bear Cubs and Care Bear Cousin Cubs recieve their tummy symbols and live until they are threatned by Dark Heart. John and Dawn, two human children that True Heart helps, brings the children to the Kingdom of Caring using the very first Cloud Mobile.

Star and Heart Buddies are also seen in the Kingdom of Caring as well as Care A Lot and the Forest of Feelings.

Going up

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Kingdom of Caring

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Kingdom of Caring Fountain

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Entering the Kingdom Of Caring

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Rainbow Stream

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Exploring the Kingdom Of Caring

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Cloud Raft for Bright Heart Raccoon and Wish Bear