Each of the Care Bears and Care Bear Cousins are given tummy symbols a special picture that describes their personality, their name, and gives them their magic. In the Care Bears II: A New Generation the Great Wishing Star gives True Heart Bear and Noble Heart Horse and the cubs their tummy symbols. Whereas, in the Care Bears Movie the Care Bears already have them, but Tenderheart Bear uses his heart symbol to give the Care Bear Cousins their tummy symbols. The tummy symbols are used for fun like producing flowers, hearts, fireworks, and rainbows. They can also be used for assistance like creating heart shaped balloons, rainbow bridges, cloud mobiles or even call for others assistance as they can be seen from miles away. They are also used as a weapon to defeat enemies known as the Care Bear Stare or Care Cousin Call.

Pdvd 111

True Heart's Tummy Symbol

IMG 3268

Using the tummy symbol for the first time

IMG 3276

use of the tummy symbols

IMG 3270

cubs getting their tummy symbols.

IMG 3314

Creating a cloud mobile with tummy symbol.